Turgut Kerem TUNCEL 19.04.2018

    Hürriyet Daily News (19 April 2018) Turgut Kerem Tuncel   Last week, the Armenian Parliament elected the former-President Serzh Sargsyan as the new prime minister. The parliament had been formed after the first parliamentary elections on April 2, 2017 following Armenia’s transition from semi-presidentialism to parliamentarianism by the December 2015 constitutional amendments.  With the election, Sargsyan secured another four years in power until 2022. Given that Sargsyan will be running the country for 14 years in a row, not to speak of his Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) that has been in power since 1998, the question is whether Armenia’s transition to parliamentarianism ...

    Teoman Ertuğrul TULUN 17.04.2018

    Daily Sabah (4 Nisan 2018) Teoman Ertuğrul Tulun*   Avusturya 12 Mart’ta, o dönemde Nazi rejimi tarafından yönetilen Almanya tarafından ilhak edilişinin 80 inci yıldönümünü kutlamıştır. Nazi Almanya’sının en üst lideri Adolf Hitler 1938 yılında, 200,000 askerinin, SS ve polis görevlilerinin anayurdu Avusturya’yı işgal etmesini emretmiş, takiben Avusturya’nın ilhakını (anchluss) ilan etmiştir. Bu yıldönümü anma törenleri uluslararası basında haklı olarak Avusturya’nın Nazi geçmişini ve son seçimlerde aşırı-sağ Avusturya Özgürlük Partisi’nin (AÖP) dikkat çekici biçimde yükselişini hatırlatacak şekilde nakledilmiştir. AÖP’nin 1950’ lerde eski Naziler tarafından kurulduğu bilinmektedir. 2000 yılındaki genel seçimde AÖP oyların yüzde 27’ sini kazandığında ve hükümette merkez-sağ Avusturya Halk Partisi (AHP) ile birlikte ...

    European Jewish Congress 17.04.2018

    2017 might be called the golden year for the rise of the far-right movements in European Union countries. Anti-establishment populist movements and new formations like the alt-right (alternative right) breeding from the century-old eugenic thought, white supremacism, white nationalism, and covert or overt racist approaches overlapping with Neo-Nazism have gained considerable ground in most of the prominent EU countries.[1] This rise is coupled with the rise in violent discriminatory acts, bias or prejudice towards particular groups of people in the forms of xenophobia, islamophobia and anti-Semitism. France, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria are examples in this respect. Recently released the ...

    Teoman Ertuğrul TULUN 05.04.2018

    Daily Sabah (4 April 2018) Teoman Ertuğrul Tulun*   On March 12, Austria marked the 80th anniversary of its annexation by Germany, which was under the rule of the Nazi regime at the time. In 1938, Nazi Germany's supreme leader Adolf Hitler ordered 200,000 of his soldiers, the SS and police officers to invade Austria, his native country, subsequently declaring its Anschluss (annexation). The anniversary commemorations were justifiably reported in the international press with the reminder of Austria's Nazi past and the remarkable rise of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) in the recent elections. It is known that the FPÖ was founded by ...

    Turgut Kerem TUNCEL 30.03.2018

    Hürriyet Daily News (30 Mart 2018) Turgut Kerem TUNCEL   A significant portion of the assessments made on the recent presidential election in Russian penned by Russia/Vladimir Putin-sceptics focus on the impurities of the election in a way that make it look like Putin’s election victory was illegitimate. Evidently, there wasn’t a truly fair electoral competition and frauds indeed occurred. Yet, these do not become evidence that a candidate that the Russia/Putin-sceptics preferred could have won the election. Putin received 77 percent of the total votes. After Putin, Pavel Grudinin, a tycoon from the Russian Communist Party, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a lunatic right-wing populist ...

    Dr. Javid VALIYEV 26.03.2018

    Modern Diplomacy (24 March 2018) Dr. Javid VALIYEV   One of the main problems of authors writing on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is the misuse of the terminology. There are different groups who misuse the terminology on the conflict. Some authors in purpose misuse the terminologies like the former US ambassador to Armenia John Evans did. John Evans presented Nagorno-Karabakh as a “legal entity” and Bako Saahakyan as its “legal representative”. And others unintentionally interpret the terms by describing Bako Sahakyan as a “leader of Nagorno-Karabakh”. While the author’s approach in the article is rather different, one can assume that the use of the “Nagorno-Karabakh leader” in the ...

    Turgut Kerem TUNCEL 23.03.2018

    Hürriyet Daily News (23.03.2018)  Turgut Kerem TUNCEL    The 2018 Russian presidential elections on March 18 resulted in an overwhelming victory for Vladimir Putin, who won 76 percent of the votes. The opposition’s hope for low voter turnout to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the elections reached nowhere, as the voter turnout was declared to be at 64 percent. The fact that the presidential candidate who came second after Putin won 7.1 percent of the votes shows Putin is pretty much an uncontested politician. On the whole, the recent presidential election in Russia disclosed that in the present, Putin’s power and hegemony ...

    Paula Mónaco Felipe 21.03.2018

    The New York Times (20 March 2018) Paula Mónaco Felipe   Mexico City - The man who sent my parents to their death, along with thousands of other people, died while under house arrest a few weeks ago. He was 90 years old and serving 14 life sentences. Death has died, and yet it brings me no joy. In Córdoba, the Argentine province where I was born, death was named Luciano Benjamín Menéndez. I saw him on the street on a winter afternoon in 1996. I was 18 years old, studying at a friend’s house, when my friend’s mother announced, “Menéndez is out on ...

    Dr. Farhad MAMMADOV 19.03.2018

    The National Interest (16 March 2018)   One of the most important promises of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was to end the damage that special interest groups and lobbyists inflict on the United States’ national interests, and to pursue an “America first” policy in the best interests of the American people. It is quite well-known that there are groups that speak on behalf of non-U.S.-allied nations, and tend to promote policies that benefit their home nation with little regard for America’s best interests. One clear example is the promotion of this week’s visit by the so-called president of the separatist “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic” Bako ...

    Claudia PATRICOLO 19.03.2018

    Emerging Europe (17 March 2018)   “There is a country between Iran and Russia, between the Middle East and Europe, which according to the World Bank offers excellent conditions to start a business; a country which according to the Crime Index for Country 2018, is one of the safest in the world, and where people are European in their behaviour and Oriental in their hospitality. This is Armenia.” So says Narek Karapetyan, chairman of the board of Fora Capital, the managing company of the Investors Club of Armenia. But there are uncertainties on the horizon following recent presidential elections, and a drastic reduction ...

    Raoul LOWERY-CONTRERAS 12.03.2018

    AVİM yakın bir zamanda Türkiye’ye F-35 hayalet savaş uçaklarının satışı ile Ermeni Amerikan ve Yunan Amerikan kuruluşlarının önderliğinde böyle bir satışa karşı yürütülen bir karalama kampanyası konusunda bir yorum yazısı[1] yayınlamıştır. Yorum yazımızı aşağıdaki cümlelerle bitirmiştik: “Bu çağrılar ‘ayın en talihsiz çağrısı ödülünü’ almaya adaydır. Bu karalama kampanyasının tam ortasında ABD’nin vatandaşlarının karşısına çıkıp “önce Amerika” mı yoksa etnik kökenleri mi diye sormasının vakti gelmiştir.” Amerika Ulusal Ermeni Komitesi’nin (ANCA) faaliyetleri konusunda yakın zamanda yayınlanan bir yazı, ABD’deki bu diaspora organizasyonlarıyla ilgili savlarımızı daha da desteklemektedir. Raoul Lowery-Contreras tarafından hazırlanan bu yorum yazısı, bu kuruluşların Amerikan kimliklerine mi yoksa etnik kimliklerine ...

    Raoul LOWERY-CONTRERAS 08.03.2018

    AVİM recently published a commentary[1] regarding the sale of F-35 stealth fighter airplanes to Turkey and a defamation campaign opposed to such sale led by Armenian American and Hellenic American organizations. We concluded our commentary with the following lines: “These calls deserve to get ‘the most ill-advised call award of the month. Amidst such a defamation campaign, the time has come for the US to face its citizens and ask whether it is ‘America first’ or their ethnic origins." A recent article published regarding the activities of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) furthers our argument regarding these diaspora organizations ...

    Jinnah Institute 08.03.2018

    AVIM would like to share a publication by the Jinnah Institute based in Pakistan that includes a collection of essays on the challenges and aspirations of women in Pakistan to commemorate International Women's Day.  You can view the full publication here 

    Maxime GAUIN 07.03.2018

    Daily Sabah (06.03.2018) Maxime Gauin*   Bazı siyasetçilerin Türkiye’ye insan hakları konusunda vermek istedikleri dersler ile bariz biçimde çelişkiye girecek şekilde, Hollanda Parlamentosunun kararı aslında temel hukuk ilkelerini çiğnemekte ve Avrupa İnsan Hakları Mahkemesi içtihadını yok saymaktadır.   Hollanda parlamentosunda “Ermeni soykırımı” iddialarını destekleyen iki kararın kabul edilmesinin Türkiye’de protestolara yol açması gayet anlaşılır bir durumdur. Aslında Türkiye’ye karşı insan hakları meselelerini kullanan, daha doğrusu istismar eden,  bir parlamento aslında temel hukuk ilkelerini ihlal etmiş olur. Öncelikle, bir parlamento mahkeme değildir: bir parlamentonun belirli bir hukuki etikete destek vermesi veya onaylaması kuvvetler ayrılığı ilkesini ihlal eder. Bu kararlar ayrıca hukukun geriye yürümezlik ilkesine karşı gelmektedir: ...

    TASC 06.03.2018

    9 February 2018   The letter below was sent on February 9, 2018 to Wall Street Journal (WSJ) which published an earlier article by R.M. Morgenthau, grandson of Henry Morgenthau, former U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. Since 1915 Ambassador Morgenthau did more than anybody to propagate falsehoods about the Turkish Armenian conflict of 1915. Much recent research has shown that Henry Morgenthau's claims were based on inaccurate information, that the claims were not actual facts but more of propaganda nature. In short these claims were negated and are not used in serious research about the conflict of 1915.   February 8th, To the Editor: With all ...

    Maxime GAUIN 06.03.2018

    Daily Sabah (06.03.2018) Maxime Gauin*   In sharp contradiction with the lessons of human rights a certain number of politicians want to teach to Turkey, the resolution of the Dutch Parliament actually tramples basic legal principles and ignores the case law of the European Court Human Rights.   The adoption of two resolutions at the Dutch Parliament endorsing the "Armenian genocide" claims provoked in Turkey protests that are more than understandable. Indeed, a parliament that uses, or rather misuses, the issue of human rights toward Turkey has actually violated basic legal principles. First of all, a parliament is not a tribunal: Endorsing a specific legal ...

    KÜRŞAT ÇAVUŞOĞLU 26.02.2018

    Turkish News (24 Şubat 2018) Kürşat Çavuşoğlu Irak Türkmen Birliği ve Dayanışma Derneği Genel Başkanı   Dağlık Karabağ, hukuken Azerbaycan sınırları içinde bulunan, ancak fiilen Ermenistan tarafından işgal edilmiş olan bir bölge. Burada yaşayan Azerbaycanlıların tamamı ya öldürülerek, ya da göçe zorlanarak yok edilmiştir. Karabağ, Azerbaycan’ın en güzel yerlerinden birisidir. Karabağ’ın, zengin doğal ve stratejik önemi vardır. Bugün Ermenistan işgali altında bulunan bölge tarih boyunca Türklerin yaşadığı bir mekân olarak temayüz etmiştir.Ermenilerin 1988’de Karabağ’ı Ermenistan’a bağlamak üzere başlayan müdahalesi 1992’de Ermenistan ve Azerbaycan arasında genel savaşa dönüşmüştür. Sürgünler ve savaş sürecinde hile, baskı ve Rus desteğinden yararlanarak Karabağ’da yaşayan Türk halkını soykırıma tabi tutan Ermeniler, ...

    Deniz BERKTAY 16.02.2018

    Söyledik.com (15 Şubat 2018)   Polonya’nın geçtiğimiz günlerde kabul ettiği “soykırımı inkar yasası”, ülkenin hem Ukrayna’yla hem de İsrail’le ilişkilerini gerginleştirdi. Polonya Parlamentosu’nun önce alt kanadının, sonra da üst kanadının kabul ettiği ve Cumhurbaşkanı Andrzey Duda’nın imzaladığı yasa tasarısı, İkinci Dünya Savaşı yıllarında Ukrayna milliyetçilerinin “Polonyalılar’a karşı soykırım uyguladığını inkar edenlerin”, ayrıca “Polonyalılar’ın Yahudi soykırımına katıldığını iddia edenlerin”  ve “Polonya ölüm kampları” ifadesini kullananların üç yıla kadar hapis ve para cezasına çarptırılmasını öngörüyor. Tasarı, henüz oylama aşamasındayken İsrail’in sert tepkisini çekti. Zira İsrail, Yahudi soykırımının (Holokost) bu şekilde tartışılmaya açılmasını istemiyor. Bundan da ötede,  İkinci Dünya Savaşı yıllarında Nazi işgali altına giren pek çok ...

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