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Geopolitical Intelligence Services (13 December 2022)

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein


Europe’s southeastern neighborhood – the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea region and the Caucasus – has long been an arena for major geopolitical actors to vie for influence. And Turkey lies at the center of this crucial nexus.

This presents Ankara with major challenges and responsibilities. The United States, the European Union, NATO and Russia all have strategic interests in the area, and other important actors like Israel, Egypt and Greece also have much at stake.

These broad geopolitical tensions in the region are playing out in parallel to various conflict hotspots, where legitimate minority interests like those of the Kurds and Palestinians are often polluted by terrorist activities. Infighting is raging in Lebanon, Libya and Syria. Bomb attacks happen regularly in Iraq. In the Caucasus, the situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia remains volatile despite the war being over. There is still a frozen conflict between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia and Abkhazia. These issues are all interconnected, and the list goes on.

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