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As the Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM) commemorates its 15th anniversary, we reflect on a journey marked by a steadfast commitment to enhancing understanding and cooperation in the Eurasian region. AVİM has risen as a key think tank, dedicated to providing deep insights and fostering dialogue on critical Eurasian issues with particular focus on the Caucasus and the Balkans.[1]

Throughout these fifteen years, AVİM has been instrumental in addressing significant geopolitical and socio-economic challenges, with a particular focus on regions like the South Caucasus and the Wider Black Sea Region. Our research and policy recommendations have offered nuanced perspectives on conflict resolution and regional stability.[2]

In response to potential destabilization in critical areas such as the Wider Black Sea Region, AVİM has initiated a forward-thinking "partnership program" that aims to establish a long-term network of think tanks and fostering a collaborative environment for the generation and exchange of ideas.[3] Through this initiative, we strive to create a platform that enhances stability and fosters intellectual cooperation across the region. The program represents our commitment to not only addressing current challenges but also proactively contributing to the creation of a more stable and interconnected Eurasian landscape.

Throughout our 15 years, AVİM has actively contributed to the discourse on the concepts of Eurasia and Eurasianism, balancing respect for Western contributions with a critical examination of Eurocentric historical narratives. Our approach, termed "Constructive Eurasianism," recognizes the importance of rediscovering Eastern perspectives while engaging in new syntheses devoid of clichés.[4]

As we mark this milestone, our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Eurasia and Eurasianism remains unwavering. The future holds the promise of further exploration, more nuanced debates, and the continued pursuit of intellectual integrity in our engagement with these concepts.

In this spirit, AVİM will continue its mission of being a nexus of ideas and dialogue, contributing to the rich tapestry of Eurasian studies. Our journey thus far is a testament to the enduring relevance of these themes and our institution's role in bringing them to the forefront of academic and policy discussions.

As we evolve, inspired by our past endeavors, AVİM continues its other mission of delivering high-quality, timely, and policy-relevant analyses that benefit policy makers, scholars, and laypersons.[5] Our commitment to improving a better understanding of the global changes and the evolution of the concept of Eurasia remains unwavering.

Our journey through these years stands as a testament to our dedication to insightful policy analysis and informed debate. Looking ahead, AVİM will continue its efforts of promoting connectivity. We aim to expand our communication and outreach, reaching a broader audience and furthering our impact in the Eurasian region.

Reflecting on our past, we approach the future with renewed hope and determination. AVİM will persist to be a beacon of knowledge and a bridge between cultures, playing a pivotal role in fostering a more understanding and cooperative Eurasian environment.


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