Traineeship Program

AVİM offers trainee program opportunities all year round. Applicants from Turkey and other countries may apply for short and long term trainee programs.

Participants to AVİM Trainee Program are expected to possess a high interest in Eurasian affairs. Ideally, AVİM provides trainee program opportunities to undergraduate students, fresh graduates and Master’s and PhD students, who plan to pursue academic or diplomatic carriers.

Application documents consist of your CV with your photograph (prepared by Europass), your motivation letter and the online form. Your motivation letter should answer the "Why do you think you are the right person for this programme?", "What is your research areas" and the dates when you would like to the join the program. The program period is at least one month. 



AVİM Trainee Program participants are expected to provide assistance in organizational matters such as supporting the AVİM staff in organizing different events, monitoring of the developments in the Eurasian region as well as to contribute to AVİM reports and other publications. AVİM Trainee Program participants are assigned specific topics relevant to their research interests during their trainee program. By the end of the trainee program period, participants are expected to submit a policy paper based on their studies. This helps the participants to focus on the subjects about which they want to gain a deeper knowledge of in a professional thinktank environment under the tutorship of the AVİM analysts. In 2018, a total of 25 young researchers from Turkey and other countries participated in the AVİM Trainee Program. AVİM Traineeship Program is a part of ERASMUS+ Internship Program.

Note: Our program is available during COVID19 period as distance education.

For detailed information:

Hazel Çağan Elbir

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