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Turkey’s Consul General to Los Angeles Mehmet Baydar and Vice-Consul Bahadır Demir were assassinated on 27 January 1973. This was an act of terror, premeditated by an elderly American of Armenian origin, who made mental preparations, executed and conveyed to the press his propagandistic justifications to be published. This murder has neither been the first nor the last of the Armenian acts of terror. A substantial research of Armenian terrorist activities throughout history can be found in R. Ambassador Ömer E. Lütem’s book entitled “Armenian Terror” in AVIM’s publications. The assassination of Consul General Mehmet Baydar and Vice-Consul Bahadir Demir and this terrorist act being reflected in the press by making room for the Armenian allegations has been the inspiration and beginning of a new period of organized Armenian terror that went on until 1986. From 1973 until 1986, 210 Armenian terrorist acts have taken place which targeted Turkish diplomats, Turkish representative offices and Turkish organizations. As a result of these acts, 70 people died, 524 individuals were injured and 105 hostage incidents have taken place. Foreign policy conjuncture has also been encouraging for Armenian terrorism where Armenian gunmen in this period have been encouraged by foreign support especially by countries like the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus, Greece and Syria. In a period where the concept of international terror and combat against terrorism had not developed as much as it has today, countries where terror activities were perpetrated have been able to display circumspection, leniency and even tolerance with varying considerations. On the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Consul General Mehmet Baydar and Vice-Consul Bahadır Demir as victims of a terrorist attack, they are commemorated with sorrow and respect. A commemorative ceremony is organized at the Turkish Embassy in Washington on 27 January and at the Turkish Embassy in New York on 28 January. Staff of AVIM pays homage to the dear memories of the beloved two martyrs. Our lament and sadness is deep. What makes it deeper is the fact that through the efforts and initiatives of Armenian American supporters, the perpetrator of this heinous act has been released before completing his due sentence and those fanatical, extreme nationalist supporters still have the audacity to instigate provocations against Turkey and the Turks without having any remorse for these murders.

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