Review Of Armenian Studies - Sayı / Issue: 3

Review Of Armenian Studies

Sayı : 3
Yıl : 2003
Fiyat : 9.00 TL

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The third issue of the Review for Armenian Studies begins with the “Facts and Comments” article of Retired Ambassador Ömer E. LÜTEM, one of the founding fathers of the Institute for Armenian Research. In his article, Ambassador Lütem summarizes the devleopments in 2002 mainly in the context of Armenian propaganda and genocide allegations. He also anaylses the presidential elections in Armenia and comments on the Turkish-Armenian relations.

Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim KAYA disscusses  the Nagorno-Karabakh case under international law from the point of view of  the right to self-determination. His study suggests that self rule by the population of Karabakh within Azerbaijan must be accepted for the peaceful solution of the conflict.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Süleyman SEYDİ investigates the Armenian repatriation scheme in the early years of the Cold War. He pays attention to the discussions of those days on the annexation of Kars and Ardahan, and returning of Armenians to the mentioned lands.

Europe’s largest Armenian Diaspora, namely the Armenians of France is the central topic in the article of Dr. Samim AKGÖNÜL. The author concentrates on the lobby and propaganda activities of the Armenians in France, and their perception of Turkey and Turkish citizens.

Research Assistant Umut KOLDAŞ writes on the integration of Armenian minority in Turkey between the years of early 1950s and early 1970s. His article studies the integration process under the implications of successes and crises of efforts towards democratic consolidation.

The next section involves an essay on the assassination of Talat Pasha by Etruks TÜRKER. The author focuses on the response of the Armenians to the murder and analyzes the details of the event.

This issue concludes with two book reviews by Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN and Hasret DİKİCİ. Finally, information are given on the recent books.

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Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim KAYA

Assist. Prof. Dr. Süleyman SEYDI


Res. Assist. Umut KOLDAŞ


Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN