Review Of Armenian Studies - Sayı / Issue: 25

Review Of Armenian Studies

Sayı : 25
Yıl : 2012
Fiyat : 9.00 TL

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The Review of Armenian Studies Journal has reached its tenth year with this edition.

When the articles in the Journal of Ermeni Araştırmaları (Armenian Studies), which had first started being published in Turkish in 2001, had also drawn great interest from outside of Turkey, we thought it suitable to publish a journal in English as well regarding the same issue and we published the Review of Armenian Studies Journal at the end of 2002. Apart from purely original articles, the translations of some of the articles published in the Ermeni Araştırmaları Journal also exist in this journal. This journal, which was first published three times a year, but is now published twice a year, has reached its 25th issue. To provide some statistical information, not including this issue, a total of 107 articles have been published in the total of 3.335 pages of the Journal on the Armenian question and Turkey-Armenia relations. At the end of this issue, an index of the articles published so far could be found.

Review of Armenian Studies is a refereed journal. As long as being scientific and unbiased, it is open to everyone’s articles. As a matter of fact, besides the articles of well known professors, writings of doctoral students have also been published in the journal.

We express our gratitude to all writers who have contributed to Review of Armenian Studies within the last ten years and hope that this journal will continue to be published as long as the Armenian question continues to exist. 

Since this issue of our journal is the special one, compared to the former issues, there is twice the number of articles published. These articles deal with a variety of subjects that we can summarize, according to the alphabetical order of their authors name, as follows: Social Darwinism and the Eastern Question (Buenos), Armenian claims from the perspective of International Criminal Law (Elekdağ), Karabakh conflict (Görgülü), Evacuation of Cilicia by France and Armenian civilians (Gauin),  the origins of Armenian terrorism (Gunn), Armenian nationalism and delusions (Karaca), Armenia’s foreign policy (Kasım), recent developments in the Armenian question and in Turkey-Armenia relations (Lütem), issues missed in the 1915 Armenian debate (Özdemir), Armenian genocide memorials in the world (Şahin), history-writing like a battlefield (Salt), the need for compassion in Turkey-Armenia relations (Sanberk), review of Guenter Lewy’s Book “The Armenian massacres in Ottoman Turkey” (Turan) and France’s entanglement in the Armenian genocide issue (Yakış).

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The Editor