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On 16 January, AVİM had published a commentary on the efforts geared towards alienating Turkish Armenians from their own country and thus pulling them towards Armenian Diaspora’s line of approach.[1] HyeTert, an internet website operating for the purpose of following news that might be of interest to Turkish Armenians, shared AVİM’s commentary on its own site,[2] but added the following warning (in Turkish) at the beginning of the article:

“***HyeTert is of the opinion that that this source and/or content contains/propagates false and/or misleading information and/or genocide denial, racism, discrimination or hate crime. Before sharing the text, please take into consideration these warnings and check the content and/or source from reliable sources.***”[3]

Based on its research and the documents it has gathered, AVİM is of the opinion that the events that transpired in 1915 do not fit the definition of the legal term “genocide”. However, everyone is free to express their opinions to the contrary on this matter.

Moving beyond the genocide dispute, it is not possible to understand what exactly is being alleged about AVİM’s article by reading the overly general warning written by HyeTert using ands and ors. Our article was not written for the purpose of containing false or misleading information or disseminating racism, discrimination or hate speech. Furthermore, AVİM is of the opinion that the article contains no such objectionable content. Instead of the overly general warning mentioned above, it would have been more constructive and useful for both AVİM and HyeTert readers to have explained what is being alleged by the use of examples.


[1] AVİM, “Türkiye Ermenilerini Diasporalaştırma Çabaları - II,” Avrasya İncelemeleri Merkezi (AVİM), Commentary No: 2019/4, January 16, 2019,

[2] “Türkiye Ermenilerini Diasporalaştırma Çabaları,” HyeTert, 16 Ocak 2019,

[3] This warning is also present in some other articles shared by HyeTert.

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