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On January 30th, 2023, Nzdeh Garagavoryan, the “new generation” representative of the Youth Office of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau of the Dashnaktsutyun Party in France, was declared persona non grata by the Armenian authorities and prevented from entering Armenia[1].

The ARF conveyed its belief that this development confirms the “anti-Armenian” attitude of the Armenian authorities, who are trying to undermine the work of the ARF youth branch. In its statement, the ARF also said that the Armenian authorities are acting in a similar manner to the Azerbaijani authorities and drew attention to the resemblance in the policies pursued. Furthermore, while citing Azerbaijan's blockade of Karabakh to prevent Armenians from entering their “homeland” as an example, the ARF claimed that the Armenian authorities have adopted the mindset of their “enemy’s” blockade policy and have included a similar practice on their agenda, and expressed its discomfort that Armenia is moving in the same direction as Azerbaijan[2].

In its statement, the ARF, as always, used threatening expressions. They declared that even if the Armenian authorities escalate their “persecution”, “oppression” and “illegal” activities a hundredfold, they will see the faith of the youth branches grow stronger, strengthening and hardening[3]. As it will be remembered, the terrorist organization ASALA uses similar expressions in its statements[4]. It is clear that the Dashnaks and the radical Armenian diaspora did not and do not display the slightest sign of discomfort with being associated with terrorism.

With this development, Nzdeh Garagavoryan became the sixth person to be denied entry into Armenia. On July 2022, Murad Papazyan, a prominent leader of the Armenian community of France (Conseil de coordination des organisations arméniennes de France, CCAF), was denied entry into Armenia, and on July 2022, Masis Abrahamyan, the head of the "Garegin Nzhdeh" youth organization in the Netherlands, and Syune Abrahamyan, a member of the aforementioned organization, were also denied entry into Armenia. On October 25, 2022, a similar development took place and Konstantin Zatulin, a Russian deputy of Armenian origin and a defender of the Armenian cause in the Duma, was also denied entry to Armenia[5]. Armenian-born Margarita Simonyan, a prominent figure in the Russian media known for her affinity to the Russian administration, announced on her social media accounts that she was declared persona non grata in Armenia[6].  The aforementioned five people, who were previously denied entry to Armenia, are also known for their opposition to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The Dashnaks vigorously protest this development both in Armenia and France.

As is well known, the Dashnaktsutyun, which has a dark historical record, is a political party today. But in the past, it was an organization known for its bloody terrorist activities.

Preventing the entry of the aforementioned individuals into Armenia is a constructive development for the healthy progress of the Turkey-Armenia normalization process, and Armenia is expected to give more support to Turkey's peaceful and conciliatory attitude towards the process.




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