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19 July 2016




The Government of Armenia has a habit of making lavish expenses, according to Haykakan Zhamanak daily.

“This year the staff of the executive [branch of power in the country] will spend the most money on perhaps electricity, [natural] gas, and water. [A total of] 131 million drams, or 273,000 [US] dollars, will be paid for electricity, [and a total of] 70 million drams, or 146,000 dollars for gas. That is, the government has allocated 419 thousand dollars for heating in winter, cooling in summer, and technical equipment. And 25,000 dollars for drinking water.


“Those working in many state-run institutions and the government are in shirts—even short-sleeved—in winter, whereas they get so cooled in the summer heat that sometimes they wear a suit.


“According to another purchase, the government has acquired two “portable” computers—probably notebook—worth more than 3,000 dollars, each. In the meantime, one could buy a good computer also for 1,000-1,500 dollars,” wrote Haykakan Zhamanak.



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