Commentary No : 2012 / 47
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The theme of the “6th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists”, which started on October 4 at the Yerevan Sate University with seemingly extensive participation of the diaspora, has been announced as the preparations for the hundredth anniversary of the “Armenian genocide”.

In her opening speech, the Diaspora Minister of the Armenian government has given the start for the brainwashing of world public opinion, calling upon the intellectuals, scholars and politicians to start action for the support and coverage of the Armenian allegations.

The Armenian Government’s subjugation to the diaspora at the expense of totally casting away Turkish-Armenian relations and conceding to become an active party to the campaign of hostility and hatred to be carried out against Turkey no doubt, at least for the next three years, herald the negative inertia Turkey-Armenia relations will be facing.

No matter how organized Armenia’s provocations against Turkey are and how widespread it extends regarding the countries where the diaspora lives at, it will not be able to withhold Turkey from presenting the truth and the efforts to correct the mistakes and lies of one-sided memory. Furthermore, this aggressive approach, which also intends to obscure the crimes of occupation and massacres perpetrated by Armenia in the region as well as unjust and illegal acquisitions through fait-accomplis in Nagorno-Karabakh, will also fail to break the resolve of Turkey to staunchly oppose them. 

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