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We are pleased to announce that the 64th issue of the Ermeni Araştırmaları journal has been published. This issue contains an editorial, two research articles and a book review.

The first article in the 64th issue, titled “Olaylar ve Yorumlar” (Facts and Comments) written by Alev Kılıç, covers Turkey-Armenia relations as well as domestic and international developments of Armenia in the period of September to December of 2019. Kılıç focuses on the increasing internal problems of the Pashinyan administration which is affecting Armenia's policies, hesistant and contradicting discourse on the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, Pashinyan’s effort to introduce foreign relations as evidence of success, and to undertake a mission to gather all the Armenians around the world within the concept of Pan-Armenianism.

In her article titled “Macar Turan Derneği, İmam Abdüllatif Efendi ve Ermeni Meselesine Dair Macarca Bir Broşür” (Hungarian Turan Association, Imam Abdullatif Efendi and A Hungarian Pamphlet on the Armenian Issue), Melek Çolak analyzes the support for the Turkish war of liberation against imperialism in Anatolia by the Hungarian Turanists and the activities of Imam Abdullatif Efendi who was in Hungary during this period based on archive documents. Imam Abdullatif Efendi had conducted a press campaign regarding Armenian issue with a pamphlet which was printed by Imam Abdullatif Efendi and originally titled “izonyitekok az Angol Ragalmak Cafolatahoz” ("Evidence on Disproving the English Slander"). Thus Imam Abdullatif Efendi tried to explain that the attitude of the European public regarding the Armenian issue was unfair.

In her article titled “Ermeni Ayrılıkçı Militanların Ermeni Halka Yönelik Saldırıları: Antepli Boyacıyan Ailesi Örneği” (The Attacts of Armenian Extremists against Armenians: Example of Boyaciyan Family from Aintab), Şenay Atam analyzes Armenian separatist militants’ methods of oppression and intimidation against other members of the Ottoman Armenian Millet. She especially focuses on the example of the Boyaciyan family, most of whose members were serving as civil servants in the Ottoman Empire, and through this, how such attacks against Armenian families loyal to the state put the the Ottoman State in a difficult position.

Lastly, 64th issue contains a book review written by Berfin Mahide Ertekin titled “Hepimize Bir Bayrak” (A Flag for Us All).

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