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The 23rd issue of the journal "International Crimes and History  (UST / ICH)" has been published.

The UST/ICH journal celebrates the 16th anniversary of its publication life.

In the last four years, UST/ICH has introduced several expansions to the publishing platform in line with its rich publication heritage. Such expansions continued this year as well. In that regard, the section Scientific and Technological Studies is added to the 23rd issue of UST/ICH . In addition, the fields of International Law and History, International Relations, Sociology, Science and Technology Studies were tried to be combined in the 23rd issue.

A commentary article in the journal deals with the phenomenon of "Minorities Law". The article tries to explains concisely the term "Minorities Law" with regard to its definition and importance in the modern age. The article in "The Cases Before International Courts" section examines the Second Karabakh War, which has ended in the field and moved to the courtrooms.

As part of the expansion of the subject areas, the 23rd issue of the UST/ICH contains a special section titled "Prevention of Violence against Women and Children".

In the special section, the first article explores the presence of children within terrorist organizations and their human resource profiles. The second article deals with the issue of child trafficking. Another article examines the unique position of women in the evolution of warfare.

The research article in the Scientific and Technological Studies section examines cryptocurrencies, electronic currencies and blockchain financial technologies (Fintech), and how the national governments try to regulate these. The article in the report section investigates the multilateral connections between environment, security, and warfare.

In the current issue, a book review regarding Hans Barth’s book titled “O Turk, Wake Up” is also included.

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