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Duty Station: Ankara, TURKEY

Title: Trainee

Duration: 3 months (with a possible extension)

Contact: [email protected] / [email protected]


The Center for Eurasian Studies (Avrasya İncelemeleri Merkezi-AVİM) is an independent, non-profit think tank based in Ankara. The mission of AVİM is to advise and educate researchers, journalists, policy makers and the broader community about the current political affairs in the regions, which are strategically important to Turkey such as the EU, the Balkans, the Wider Black Sea Region, the Caucasus and the Central Asia.  With this mission, AVİM aims to contribute to the understanding of challenges and opportunities that Turkey faces within the changing global geopolitical context. The geopolitical position of Turkey requires great attention to the Eurasian Region with two hinges on the Balkans and the Caucasus. With this awareness, AVİM attributes particular attention to these two regions. Within this context, AVİM has a special interest in the controversial Turkish-Armenian relations.

Building a network of scholars and specialist on the Eurasian Region to facilitate intellectual interchanges among diverse views and perspectives is one of the objectives of AVİM. Within this framework, AVİM collaborates with national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, independent policy institutions and universities and aims to enhance those partnerships.

AVİM publishes books and reports based on original research, conference proceedings and policy briefs both in print and electronic format. AVİM shares news and commentaries related to its field of work on its website and distributes a daily bulletin via email. AVİM publishes the following three peer-reviewed academic journals.

Ermeni Araştırmaları (in Turkish; since 2001)
Review of Armenian Studies (in English; since 2002)
Uluslararası Suçlar ve Tarih (bilingual in English and Turkish; since 2005)

AVİM has been carrying on its activities within the scope of the above mentioned aims since 2009 with its Honorary President Ambassador (R) Ömer Engin LÜTEM, President Ambassador (R) Alev Kılıç, specialists and administrative personnel.

About the Traineeship Program

AVİM offers traineeship opportunities all year round. Unfortunately AVİM is not able to provide any financial support to its trainees.

Also trainees are supposed to take care of the health insurance, visa application process, accommodation costs and arrangements, local and international transportation.

AVİM offers a good working environment where trainees have chance to further develop their knowledge on AVİM’s working areas, participate in the meetings and benefit from AVİM publications.

Job Description

Assist with the organization:

• on meetings organized by AVİM,
• monitor the developments on the working areas of AVİM and inform AVİM Staff regularly,
• Support the Director and Specialists of AVİM where language skills are required,
• Participate in the meetings held by AVİM and help AVİM Staff with the preparations
• Contribute to the reports, articles or/and commentaries
• Carry out tasks as assigned by the President and Specialists of AVİM.