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Turkish American National Steering Committee - TASC (2 June 2020)


Dear Community Members and Friends,

Greetings Of Peace.

On behalf of the Turkish Americans, we would like to express solidarity, with love and commitment to the entire African American community especially to Black families who have lost loved ones to state-sanctioned violence.

We are heartbroken over the recent murders of George Floyd (Minnesota), Brenna Taylor (Kentucky), Ahmoud Arbery (Georgia), and Yassin Mohamed (Georgia). They are simply the latest in a long line of Black men and women struck down in the entire nation.

As Turkish Americans dedicated to harnessing our values in service to our fellow Americans, the Turkish American Steering Committee (TASC) recognizes that justice for all people in America cannot come to fruition without an unwavering and unapologetic commitment to achieving justice for Black Americans. That includes an honest acknowledgement of entrenched anti-Blackness within our society.

To that end TASC condemns all forms of anti-Black violence, whether the culprits are police officers like Daniel Pantaleo in New York or civilians like Gregory and Travis McMichael in Georgia. We also condemn the dehumanization of Blackness whether it occurs inside or outside of our community.