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This period is of great importance for the Turkish nation as it marks several momentous events that we hold dear. The Gallipoli Naval Victor, the subsequent routing of the Allied Landing Operations, and the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye all took place in the same period. As AVİM, we have always countered attempts that seek to cast a shadow over these proud moments in Turkish history.

It is time for everyone to move away from destructive narratives that misrepresent history and sow discord among nations. Considering the complexities and controversies surrounding historical events, it is inappropriate to impose specific arguments as prerequisites for dialogue or collaboration over them. We recognize that such claims lack legal foundation, and thus firmly believe that diplomacy and mutual understanding should triumph over biased accusations.

The current situation in the Wider Black Sea Region highlights the urgent need for peace and stability. Despite the challenges we face, we must not lose hope. Encouraging developments, such as the Türkiye-Armenia normalization process, demonstrate the potential for peaceful dialogue and cooperation among nations in this region. It is in this context that we continue to observe the deplorable actions of certain actors that end up disrupting positive regional developments because of their obsessions over the cliche and propaganda-laden historical narratives, one of which targets Türkiye and the Turkish nation.

We appeal to all parties to exercise reason and embrace peace for the sake of regional stability and the well-being of the peoples of the Wider Black Sea Region. Let us work together to foster an atmosphere of cooperation, understanding, and respect, transcend polarizing historical disputes, and lay the groundwork for a brighter future for the region and its peoples.

We share the responsibility to promote peace, dialogue, and friendship. We must seize this opportunity to stand united in our pursuit of harmony and understanding. May the spirit of April, a month of pride and accomplishment for Türkiye, bring inspiration to the whole region.