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Pajhwok (Mar 23, 2017) 
 Former president Hamid Karzai on Thursday urged the Afghans to help advance the peace process and asked the US to sign a deal with the Kabul government on establishing peace in Afghanistan instead of taking military actions.

In his message to the nation in connection with the new solar year’s celebrations, Karzai said: “Unfortunately our nation suffered another year full of problems and miseries. Our people and security forces witnessed insecurity and repeated assaults from Pakistan.”

He said all these disorders occurred in the face of a wide political and military presence of the US and its allies in Afghanistan.

About one and a half decades ago, the US and its allies, supported by a number of key regional countries, had entered Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting against terror, he said.

But terrorism could not be eradicated, instead the menace further strengthened and a new terrorist group, Daesh, also emerged as a result of wrong US policies, he said.

“Instead of receiving regional cooperation, Afghanistan is turning into a conflict zone for many countries,” the former president said.

Karzai stressed the need for a joint struggle of the Afghan government and the nation to put the current miseries to an end and establish peace in the country.

“I once again call on the Taliban to join the national reconciliation process and discharge their responsibility in ending the troubles in the country,” he said.

“I suggest the US to seek its presence in Afghanistan in peace not in war. The US should work together with the Afghan people for establishing peace instead of sending more troops that would definitely fuel insecurity,” Karzai said.

America should explain to the world and the region the escalating security situation and empowering terrorism in Afghanistan with each passing year, he said.

The US should pave the ground for real fight against terrorism and cooperation of regional countries instead of engaging them dragging them into the war, he said.

He said regional countries, particularly China, India, Russia and Iran as well as the Shanghai and SAARC organizations could play an important role in advancing the Afghan peace process.

 “I suggest Pakistan to seriously review its policies on Afghanistan, it should talk to Afghanistan through a door of friendship,” he added.

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