Review Of Armenian Studies - Sayı / Issue: 4

Review Of Armenian Studies

Number : 4
Year : 2003
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Editor's Note

The first volume of the quarterly Review of Armenian Studies, published by the INSTITUTE FOR ARMENIAN RESEARCH, is completed so far by this fourth issue.

Retired ambassador Ömer E. LÜTEM evaluates the recent developments in Armenia, common to the three previous issues. The parliamentary elections and the ongoing discussions around the elections are analyzed by him, especially in terms of its possible outcomes for the relations between Turkey and Armenia. Turkish-Armenian relations are also discussed under a separate section by Lütem. The Armenian Diaspora and its activities, and the ‘genocide’ draft resolution are other topics examined in Facts and Comments.

The Jewish-Armenian relations around the concepts of ‘genocide’ and ‘holocaust’, the Armenian attempt to attach the Armenian allegations to the Holocaust Memorial Day, and the Jewish response to it are debated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esat ARSLAN.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa S. BİLGİN, as a historian, deals with the attitudes of the Great Powers to the Armenians under the Ottoman rule. The writer mainly argues that the problems between the Ottoman administration and the Ottoman Armenians broke out as a result of Great Power intervention in the internal affairs of the Ottoman Empire.

Dr. M. Vedat GÜRBÜZ investigates the Nagorno Karabakh problem in the period between 1988 and 1994. Azerbaijani domestic policies, and the negative impacts of the conflict in Azerbaijan are explained in the article.

The recently excavated mass grave in Gedikli/Tavus village in I?d?r is focused by Dr. Şenol KANTARCI. Kantarcı tells his observations during the excavation with photos and documents.

The article by Assist. Prof. Dr. Memet YETİŞGİN on the Zeitun Revolt of 1895 is the last article in this volume and issue. The composition of Muslim and non-Muslim population of Maraş and Aleppo, and the causes of the revolt and the uprising process are analyzed in detail.

A newly published book on the Armenian regulations from the Tanzimat period to the Second Constitutional period by Murat Bebiroğlu is reviewed by Hasret DİKİCİ, and other recently published books on Armenia and the Armenians are mentioned in the section of Recent Books.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esat ARSLAN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN

Dr. M. Vedat GÜRBÜZ


Assist. Prof. Dr. Memet YETİŞGiN