European Union, Turkey - US Relations, Caucasus, Propaganda Studies, Terrorism


Hazel Çağan Elbir graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration in 2008. She received her master’s degree from METU Institute of Social Sciences, Department of International Relations in 2012 with her thesis titled “Armenian Terrorism and the Turkish Press (1973-1984)”. Her master’s thesis was published as a book with the same title by Manzara Verlag, a publishing house in Germany, in 2017.

Çağan Elbir interned in TGNA (2006), Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies (ASAM) (2007), Institute for Global Strategy (2007) and attended a Project on Model European Parliament in Graz, Austria. Çağan worked in Institute for Global Strategy for four months in 2008 as a specialist on the Balkans. During her Master’s degree, interned in Center for Eurasian Studies (2011) and as of 2012 Çağan Elbir joined AVİM as an analyst in February 2012. She is currently a PhD. candidate in interdisciplinary department Political Economy from Atılım University.

Çağan Elbir’s research areas are European Union, Turkey – US Relations, Caucasus, propaganda studies, crimes against humanity, terrorism.

Çağan Elbir also contributes in the AVİM Daily Bulletin, Europe section.