Gülperi GÜNGÖR
[email protected]
International Political Sociology, China, Uyghurs


Gülperi Güngör graduated from International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University in 2015, and holds MSc. in International Relations from Middle East Technical University. (2020) She wrote her master's thesis on the security and surveillance practices of China in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

During her undergraduate education, she interned in Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, and in 2016, she attended training on diplomacy (School of Advanced Diplomatic Skills) in the European Diplomacy Academy in Warsaw.

Gülperi Güngör worked on volunteer projects for the empowerment of refugee youth and women in the civil initiative -Building Bridges for Refugee Children , she worked as an specialist in the North Anatolian Development Agency in 2018, and worked as a project specialist (International Competition Development Project) in the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Associations in 2018-2019. She joined AVİM as a scholar in residence in January 2020.